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GP Honda - Power Equipment

Honda 36" Track Drive Hybrid i-Control ES

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92 cm (36.2 in.) clearing width/58 cm (22.8 in.) clearing height. Moves up to 83 metric tons of snow per hour with a discharge distance up to 19 m (62.3 ft). Hybrid drive, dual stage snow blower with i-Control computerized control system


Discharge Type


Axle Type

Track drive

Drive Type

Electric i-Control (24 VDC drive motors)

Transmission Oil Capacity

0.3 Litre (10.6 fl. Imp. oz.)


Infinitely variable (Load control)

Clearing Width

92 cm (36.2 in.)

Maximum Ground Speed

Forward: 50 m/min. (164 ft./min) Reverse: 35 m/min. (114.8

Intake Housing Height

58 cm (22.8 in.)

Auger Diameter

39.8 cm (15.7 in.)

Auger Type

Steel serrated (Spiral)

Auger Drive

Belt driven shaft, electromagnetic clutch

Auger Transmission

Worm gear

Auger Oil Capacity

0.2 Litre (7 fl. Imp. oz.)

Auger Height Adjustment

Electric auger-height adjuster (Au- tomatic raise at return

Chute Turning Radius


Chute Rotation

Remote electric “Joystick” control

Deflection Control

Remote electric “Joystick” control

Chute Material


Maximum Throw Distance†

19 m (62.3 ft.)

Clearing Snow Volume Capacity (Approximate)†

Up to 83 metric tons/hr (91 tons/hr)

Engine Type

Honda i-GX390T2, 4-stroke, OHV, single-cylinder


389 cc (23.7 CID)

Ignition System

CDI magneto

Recoil Starter


Electric Starter

Standard 24 VDC type

Lubrication System

Forced splash

Oil Capacity

1.1 Litre (38.7 fl. Imp. oz.)

Recommended Oil

SAE 5W30 API service classification SJ or later

Recommended Oil

SAE #90 gear oil

Recommended Oil

SAE 5W30 API service classification SJ or later

Recommended Fuel

Unleaded gasoline (Pump octane rating 86 or higher)

Fuel Tank Capacity

5.7 Litres (1.25 Imp. gal.)

Operational Time per Tankful*

1.6 hours


Length: 70"

Width: 37"

Height: 54"

Weight: 535lbs


Consumer or residential use:

36-month (comprehensive warranty)

Commercial use:

36-month (comprehensive warranty)