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GP Honda - Power Equipment

Honda Loop-Handle 25cc

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Offers 4-stroke performance, a tap & go trimmer head and loop-style handle for quiet and easy maneuverability.


Engine Type

Honda GX25, mini 4-stroke, OHC, single cylinder,

 air-cooled, multi-position

Honda Engine Model




25 cc (1.53 CID)

35 cc (HHT35SUKCT)

Bore & Stroke

35 X 26 mm (1.4 X 1 in.)

Maximum Net Torque

1.6 N.m (1.20 lbf-ft.) @ 5,500 RPM (35cc)

Idle Speed

3,100 ± 200 RPM

Max. No-Load RPM* (Requires Blade Barrier)

10,000 RPM

Ignition System

Transistorized flywheel magneto (electronic)

Spark Plug


Cooling System

Forced air

Starting System

Recoil starter

Stopping System

Ignition primary circuit ground


Diaphragm type w/fuel pump

Recommended Fuel

Regular unleaded gasoline (87 Octane)

Fuel Primer

Anti-flood type

Fuel Capacity

0.5 L (17.6 fl. Imp. oz.)

0.65 L (22.9 fl. Imp. oz.) (35cc)

Fuel Consumption (approximate)**

0.5 L/hr (0.11 Imp. gal./hr)

0.7 L/hr (0.15 Imp. gal./hr) (35cc)

Clutch Drive Type

Centrifugal Twin Shoe-Clutch

Clutch Size

54 mm (2.125 in.) Diameter

78 mm (3.0625 in.) Diameter (35cc)

Clutch Engagement

4;200 ± 200 RPM

Air Cleaner

Semi-dry type

Lubrication System

Oil mist

Oil Capacity

80 cc (2.82 fl. Imp. oz.)

100 cc (3.52 fl. Imp. oz.) (35cc)

Recommended Oil

SAE 10W30 API service classification SJ or later


Length: 76"

Width: 13'

Height: 11"

Weight: 20lbs


Consumer or residential use:

24-month (comprehensive warranty)

Commercial use:

12-month (comprehensive warranty)